(A)    Public Notices

(B)    Purchase of Power through Open Access by consumer of PSPCL/PSTCL

1.    Short Term Open Access Procedures (Complete)

2.    Steps for applying for Short Term Open Access

        2.1  Flow Chart

        2.2  Activity Chart/Time Lines

3.    Eligibility Requirements

4.    Procedure for submission of Application Form

5.    Processing & approval of Application

6.    Formats for applying for STOA (Form I)

7.    Formats for applying NOC/Standing Clearance/Concurrence/Consent (Form II/III/IV)

8.    Undertaking by the Customer (Form V)

9.    Daily Injection data by Generators (Form VI)

10.  Metering Guidelines

(C)  List of Open Access Customers


Application for grant of Open Access shall be submitted, in duplicate, directly in the office of CE/SLDC (Open Access), PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala.

For NOC/Standing Clearance, applications may be forwarded at following e-mail id: aee-noc-opac@pstcl.org

Contact Details

For any clarification, please contact:

SE / Open Access, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala

SLDC Building, 220KV Sub Station, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118003; e-mail: se-opac@pstcl.org

For NOC & other inquiry, please contact:

Addl SE/Sr. Xen/ Open Access, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118055

NOC e-mail ID: "aee-noc-opac@pstcl.org"

For Billing Enquiry, please contact:

Accounts Officer/SLDC, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118062