Punjab State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC), now a separate accounting unit of Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited (PSTCL), is a state of art Computerized Control centre established in August 2002 at Ablowal, Patiala. It ensures integrated operation of the power system of Punjab with the Northern Region Load Dispatch Centre of India.

Under Section 31 of the Indian Electricity Act, 2003 it is mandatory for the States to establish their own Computerized State Load Dispatch Centres for performing the following functions (as specified under Section 32 of Indian Electricity Act 2003): -

  • To ensure integrated operation of the Power System in the State.
  • Optimum dispatch of Electricity.
  • Monitoring and control of system parameters to maintain healthiness of the Power System at all times.
  • SLDC shall keep accounts of the quantity of electricity transmitted through State grid.
  • Exercising supervision and control over the intra-State transmission system.
  • SLDC may levy and collect such fee and charges from the generating companies and licensees engaged in intra-State transmission of electricity as may be specified by the State Commission.
  • Analysis of tripping/disturbances and facilitating immediate remedial measures.