(A)    Public Notices

(B)    Purchase of Power through Open Access by consumer of PSPCL/PSTCL

1.    Revised Short Term Open Access Procedures (Complete)

2.    Steps for applying for Short Term Open Access

        2.1  Flow Chart

        2.2  Activity Chart/Time Lines

3.    Eligibility Requirements

4.    Procedure for submission of Application Form

5.    Processing & approval of Application

6.    Formats for applying for STOA (Form I)

7.    Formats for applying NOC, Standing Clearance, Concurrence(Form-II & III)

8.    Undertaking by the Customer (Form V)

9.    Daily Injection data by Generators (Form VI)

10.    Daily Bilateral Transaction details (Form-VII)

11.    Suggested Format for Board Resolution & Authorization letter (Form-VIII)

12.    Format for Compliance Report (Form-IX)

13.  Metering Guidelinesss

(C)  List of Open Access Customers


Application for grant of Open Access shall be submitted, in duplicate, directly in the office of CE/SLDC (Open Access), PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala.

For NOC/Standing Clearance, applications may be forwarded at following e-mail id: aee-noc-opac@pstcl.org

Contact Details

For any clarification, please contact:

SE / Open Access, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala

SLDC Building, 220KV Sub Station, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118003; e-mail: se-opac@pstcl.org

For NOC & other inquiry, please contact:

Addl SE/Sr. Xen/ Open Access, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118055

NOC e-mail ID: "aee-noc-opac@pstcl.org"

For Billing Enquiry, please contact:

Accounts Officer/SLDC, PSTCL, Ablowal, Patiala. Mobile: 9646118062